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EPA Marina Letter
Dear New England Boaters,

As the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency’s New England office, and a fellow boater, I am asking for your help in our efforts to protect our coastal waterways, lakes and shorelines. Boaters share a special appreciation for the high quality of our waters, but also have a unique responsibility to carefully maintain and use our crafts in a manner that causes minimal environmental impact.

Since many boaters routinely maintain and refurbish their boats at marinas and boatyards, it is important to understand that these facilities are held accountable for all activities conducted on site with respect to
environmental compliance. In other words, marinas must “partner” with you – their customers, in order to
work together to institute environmentally protective practices and comply with environmental rules.

To help in these efforts, we suggest you do the following:
1. Talk to your marina about Best Management Practices for boaters;
2. Familiarize yourself with marina policies on do-it-yourself work and waste disposal;
3. Utilize your marina’s supportive services such as used oil receptacles, recycling containers, and special storage areas for old batteries; and,
4. Explore how you can eliminate or reduce the use of products with toxic chemicals.

To learn more about best practices for marinas and related governmental regulations, visit our EPA Regional Marina Website at: (http://www.epa.gov/region1/marinas/index.html)

As discussed in the attached Providence Journal article, EPA has been working with marinas and boatyards for over six years to help them understand how to run their businesses in a manner that allows them to comply with environmental laws. After holding dozens of environmental compliance workshops, and contacting every marina owner in New England, EPA recently performed follow-up inspections and took several enforcement actions against boatyards and marina facilities. We plan to continue our compliance assistance and enforcement work with this sector given its importance in protecting our waters and shorelines.

A great deal is at stake in this matter, protecting the precious natural resources that provide us with so much enjoyment and afford us great opportunities on the water. So please, do your part to help your local marina comply with the rules and protect the environment.

I wish you the best to have a happy, safe, and clean summer of fun on the water!


Robert W Varney
Regional Administrator
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